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Why Your Business Should Embrace Digital Marketing

Why Your Business Should Embrace Digital Marketing

By Victoria CarlsonVictoria Carlson head shot

Even though its 2016, I still come across my fair share of local businesses that don’t have a professional presence on the internet. I’m sure many business owners justify their lack of a digital footprint with the rationale that business is good without it, or that traditional marketing channels work just fine for their type of business. But as we continue to see consumer shopping behaviours shift further and further into the online space, embracing digital marketing has become necessary in order to ensure that your business is offering the best experience for both new and existing customers. 

Creating a Digital Footprint

Whether you’re considering a website or a Google business profile, it’s crucial that customers be able to find your business online. GoDaddy’s Get Found local business service confirmed that 92% of customers use online sources to research products and services in their area.

Your business model may be unique and require a focus on more traditional methods to influence a customer’s decision to buy, but the bottom line is that if your business is not online then at least a portion of your potential customers will find themselves at one of your competitors who do have an online presence.

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A Year in the Life of a New WBN Member

A Year in the Life of a New WBN Member

By Meghan Moloney

Meghan MoloneyI joined the Women’s Business Network of Peterborough in April 2015, several months after beginning to freelance as a communications consultant and writer-for-hire. At that point, I was new to self-employment and wasn’t yet thinking of myself as an entrepreneur, much less a business-owner. I had been hearing and reading about the WBN since before I moved to Peterborough (shout out to our amazing local Twitter community!) but I had never felt like I “qualified” to become a full member.

I’m just someone who can provide services to lots of different organizations, businesses, individuals or groups – I don’t “own” anything beyond my own experience, I thought. And I know I’m not alone in feeling some of that imposter syndrome at the beginning of a new venture.

But then I asked myself: What makes my situation different from any other entrepreneur?

I realized that if I was going to succeed as a freelancer and consultant, I would have to do what every successful entrepreneur does: position myself as a member of the business community, and truly become part of that community by joining a professional association.

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Getting the Trades to Work for You

Getting the Trades to Work for You

By Jennifer Moon, Fransky Mechanical

Jennifer MoonHave you heard about the worker who took a deposit but never returned to actually complete the work? How about the hairstylist who dyed more skin than hair? Or the case of the handyperson who claimed he or she could do everything – plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and more – but didn’t hold a single trade license?

We’ve all heard the horror stories about tradespeople who “oversell” their expertise, falsify credentials or simply ignore regulations. Not only does this damage the reputation of other trades professionals, these individuals are potentially putting you and your family at risk. There are over 150 registered trades in Ontario. Whether we are inviting them into our homes and businesses or accessing their services in shops and salons, consumers should be confident that they are dealing with qualified professionals.  Continue reading