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Canadians Need To Relax, But Watch Out For Leisure Sickness

IT MAY NOT BE KAROSHI, BUT MANY HAVE EXPERIENCED LEISURE ILLNESS August 15th is Relaxation Day and Canadians are encouraged to remember to slow down, breathe and make healthy lifestyle choices. Little Britain, ON – We finally have a day off.  One that we have been looking forward to.  Only to be struck down with some kind of bug which makes us feel rotten. For some, taking a vacation doesn’t lead to sleeping in, relaxation or family fun.  It may mean headaches, migraines, fatigue, muscular pains, nausea and viral infections that caused flu-like symptoms and colds. These symptoms can be a sign of leisure illness and they are often linked to stress caused by work overload and pushing ourselves too hard before taking time off.

This illness was often considered to be psychosomatic, because most people in the midst of it were not suffering from any viral or bacterial infection and it tended to be experienced by people who were overworked, expressed a lot of stress around working, or who rarely took time off from work. However, it may be that these people pushed themselves to the point where they compromised their body systems and when they finally took time off, their bodies ‘gave in’ and responded with aches, pains and illness reactions.”Our bodies respond to the stressors that we face.  Sometime these reactions are not immediate as in the case of being in a car accident and our heart racing.  Sometimes these reactions build over time and eventually they can wear us down.  Sometimes it is not until we stop the ‘rollercoaster ride’ that our body responds and we experience these flu or cold like symptoms,” says Beverly Beuermann-King, a Canadian work-life balance expert. Continue reading

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Downtime

Submitted By: Jill Bradley, Marketing Coordinator at Viamede Resort We all know we need more downtime in our lives. But between running your own business, a hectic work schedule, devoting your talents to a worthy charity and keeping up at home, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time! When your hours are this limited and life is intense, it’s crucial to build in some time to refresh. Here are 5 ways to make sure you are getting the very most out of your downtime: 1. Take your vacation. It is well understood that regular breaks throughout the work day helps us to focus and accomplish more. The same is true on a larger scale. Vacation takers are more productive, focused and dedicated to their jobs, offering benefits to both the employer and the individual. To truly see these benefits, you need to disconnect from work emails and projects. If you must check-in, set a limited time once a day or every two days – and stick to it! You’ll come home rejuvenated and excited to get back at it. Continue reading