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How your Body Affects your Bottom Line

How your Body Affects your Bottom Line

By Dr. Sarah Wild

We all know that we are supposed take care of our health, but where exactly are you supposed to fit in the ever elusive “time for yourself?” As an entrepreneur, the details of growing a business can consume your mind and your time. But do you realize that the function of your body directly translates into dollars and cents, and that you could make a huge jump in the growth of your business by actually taking some time away from it?

You are what you eat…even at work!

Eating well consistently can be difficult as meals often become an afterthought in our busy lives. However, it is important to think about your nutrition habits as the fuel your brain and body will be using to complete your daily business tasks. Poor diet habits can increase fatigue and irritability; and decrease mental effectiveness; your ability to think clearly; and perform your job effectively. They are also linked with higher levels of stress and depression.

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