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Networking: How Women Do It Differently

Karen August, (Manager of Membership Services at the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce) shares some Networking insight for women… You’ve probably heard it before, the ‘fact’ that men and women network differently.  But is it true? And what impact does it have on us and our business or career? “Men’s networks are widely dispersed, while women tend to form their professional networks in the same way that they form personal networks”, says Holly J. Falk-Krzesinski, vice president of global academic and research relations for academic publisher Elsevier BV. It’s different for girls “Women’s tighter networks are built for personal support, but they often lack the wide reach of men’s networks. Women’s networks also are typically based on trust and first-degree knowledge, with contacts including old friends or former colleagues. Often, many people within a woman’s network know one another” she says. So, while our typical networking style can produce great results while building camaraderie, mutual support circles, and good business referrals, it has its limits. It might be possible to leverage your existing circle of professional and personal contacts to meet your needs.  But when you broaden your network you invite new possibilities in. So, how are the men doing it? Continue reading