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Holiday Hazards: Keeping Your Pet Safe

Holiday Hazards: Keeping Your Pet Safe
By Danielle McIver,
Gleam Event Management host of The Ptbo PAWtacular

The holiday season is in full swing! Everywhere you look there is a beautifully decorated Christmas tree or a meticulously wrapped gift. We have family and friends dropping in to say hi, and piles of delicious savory and sweet treats. The joy is everywhere! But lets not forget that the holiday traditions we are used to, may have some unknown hazards for our furbabies.

Working 17 years in the veterinary industry has proven just how many risks this season can bring. So let’s keep those tails waggin’ and cats purrin’ and learn about some common dangers you can avoid!

Here are my top 5 hazards to be aware of in this festive season! Being aware means you care.

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