Is your website as accessible as your business?

cw320x320Submitted by Carrie Wakeford, 
Project Manager Black Cap Design.

Ramps, automatic doors, accessible parking spaces – do you remember the days when these things couldn’t be taken for granted?  Now most business owners know the importance of making their stores and offices accessible to everyone.  Just in time too, with our aging population.

But wait – is your website also accessible?

Millions of people with disabilities rely on the Web.  They’ll be accessing your site using assistive devices such as screen readers.  And look out – those baby boomers will continue to have power and it won’t be long before they will be making demands for accessible websites.

Some of the coolest looking websites are not so cool for people using assistive devices – fancy fonts, newfangled layouts and funky menus can be fun and eye catching, but if you’re not careful they can create barriers for some visitors.  Ideally your website will look good AND be accessible to people with visual impairments, people who are unable to use a mouse and people who need an intuitive navigation system. Continue reading