Richard Robbins – Deliver the Unexpected

Presenting September 3 2014  Richard Robbins
Deliver the Unexpected: And 6 Other New Truths for Business Success

From his small town roots as an award-winning real estate sales professional at the age of 24, to world-renowned speaker, author and elite business coach, Richard Robbins is Co-founder and CEO of Richard Robbins International Inc., a leading sales and business coaching organization that has transformed the businesses and lives of thousands of real estate sales professionals and leaders at all levels, worldwide.

Richard is author of the ground-breaking new business book, Deliver the Unexpected: And 6 Other New Truths for Business Success that exposes the pitfalls in many conventional approaches to success and replaces them with a new set of rules for reaching personal and business success. Richard is also the strategic force behind all research and development of his organization’s highly impactful and world renowned programs such as: Ignite
Training Retreats, Business Advance Coaching, Masters Edge Training and The Vault.

On a more personal note, Richard believes life is to be experienced at every opportunity. From flying a fighter jet through the mountains of South Africa, skiing at the peaks of Whistler, to racing NASCAR and coming face to face with sharks some 80 feet below sea level in an open water shark dive – Richard seizes each and every opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Richard and his wife, Sue,Co-founder and Managing Partner at Richard Robbins International, reside in Markham, Ontario, with their two kids, Jaimie and Tanner. The Robbins’ are avid readers, fitness enthusiasts and personal development junkies who truly believe there’s no place like home.

Richard is a sought-after expert in the field of sales performance, business and leadership, and is best described by his audiences as the epitome of a true integrity-powered leader. He has been performing ground-breaking seminars and keynotes for nearly two decades, in over half a dozen countries, on four continents and at countless international conventions for audiences exceeding 10,000 people. His captivating presence and engaging style allow him to communicate profound messages in ways that make even the most complex topics understandable, memorable and immediately usable.

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